Daily Art Habit

No. 595, December 22, 2019

Sold out in this size

No. 595, December 22, 2019
No. 595, December 22, 2019 No. 595, December 22, 2019

This artwork is no longer available in this format.


I tend to go dark in November and December. Amid the hubbub of holidays, birthdays, appointments and vacation planning, these two months are akin to a black hole for me, energy goes in, but not much comes out.

My December daily paintings can get dark and chaotic too. This is one of the calmer works. Made right around the solstice, it may subconsciously represent the sun.

This digital painting is one of the monthly favorites I selected for the 2019 Review collection. It is available for a limited time as an 8x8 inch machine print with adhesive frame (with free shipping). A fun and simple way to display prints, this lightweight plastic frame comes with a peel-and stick adhesive that attaches (and detaches) easily on most walls.

Please note: This a machine-printed product and not a fine art print. Colors will differ from what you see on your screen. Please contact me if you would like a fine art print.