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Behind the Scenes: Nature's Geometries

Behind the Scenes: Nature's Geometries

Many of the artworks in the Nature's Geometries collection grew out of interesting plant forms I photographed on my walks around the neighborhood. In this video, you can see how I started by isolating shadows and negative space from a photograph, and used the resulting shapes as a guide for dividing the space. I tried working with outlines of the leaf shapes too (I found them fascinating on these particular plants which had been eaten by snails, leaving all sorts of interesting edges!), however these shapes never made it into my favorite pieces from the series. 

You can see how I use color and contrast to define new shapes in the divided space, and how I experiment with repeating various elements of the drawing to create patterns. I tend to play with symmetry a lot too, by repeating and rotating or flipping elements of the design and re-combining them in new ways.

If you watch carefully, you'll notices several spots where I add a signature to the piece... that indicates where I finished the piece for the day. This video shows work starting on August 29, and ending on September 2, 2018, resulting in four Daily Art Habit pieces, including the two below, which made the cut and are shown in the Nature's Geometries collection.

I love how far the finished pieces are from the photo of the snail-eaten leaves I used as a starting point... And yet somehow, the rhythms of the space in both these images seem familiar.