Daily Art Habit

Recent Installation | 'Feedback Loop'

The source material for this semi-sculptural construction is roughly 1700 digital art compositions printed on paper and representing nearly five years of work from my Daily Art Habit series. A physical embodiment of a process of sorting and decision-making and influenced by context, it celebrates the ordered chaos of life, growth and change. Exhibited at Shift Gallery in Seattle in April 2023.

You Might Be Wondering...

What is the Daily Art Habit?

The Daily Art Habit started in May 2018 as a simple challenge to myself, born from a need to lean and grow out of a transitional period in my life. It's become empowering and transformational.

About the Daily Art Habit

How is the art made?

I work digitally on an iPad Pro using and Apple Pencil and digital painting/drawing apps. I love working this way and believe these tools are the reason I've become an artist again.

Why I love making art on the iPad

Where's the rest of it?

Because I create every day, I have over a thousand of pieces of art I could show. Instead of showing it all, I've curated my favorite work into rotating exhibitions and collections to share.

Featured Collection

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