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Studio Sale: Supporting Artists During the Pandemic

I am fortunate that I'm not solely dependent upon income from my artwork at this time. (My goal is to become a self-supporting artist, but I still support myself primarily through consulting.) Not all artists have alternate income sources, and I’ve decided to join the Artist Support Pledge to help.

For every $1000 sold from the works below, I pledge to spend $200 on another artist’s work. It's one way artists are supporting artists during the COVID-19 crisis.

Thank you for your support.

You Might Be Wondering...

What is the Daily Art Habit?

The Daily Art Habit started as a simple challenge to myself, born from a need to lean and grow out of a transitional period in my life. It's become empowering and transformational.

About the Daily Art Habit

How is the art made?

I work digitally on an iPad Pro using and Apple Pencil and Adobe Photoshop Sketch. I love working this way and believe these tools are the reason I've become an artist again.

Why I love making art on the iPad

Where's the rest of it?

Because I create every day, I have hundreds of pieces of art I could show. Instead of showing it all, I've curated my favorite work into rotating exhibitions and collections to share on this site.

Featured Collection

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