Daily Art Habit

About the Daily Art Habit

The Daily Art Habit started as a simple challenge to myself.

In a transitional period in my life, I knew I needed to create, learn and grow, and I bought myself an iPad Pro and Apple Pencil for my birthday, with the intent to learn Adobe Photoshop Sketch.

It took several weeks of avoidance and excuses before I finally made a deal with myself.

The deal was Six Minutes a Day.

I picked six minutes rather arbitrarily; I felt it was enough to be manageable and non-threatening, and hopefully enough to get something accomplished.

On May 7, 2018, I set the timer for six minutes and started, staring at the blank screen for a few moments before deciding to sketch the lilies on my patio. Before I knew it, my timer rang, and I'd created No. 1 in the series that became, and is still becoming the Daily Art Habit.

That was the only time I used the timer. Since then, I found the chance to pause, explore and experiment with art every day too tempting to resist, and much too enriching to limit at only six minutes.

It's become a habit, a continuum of evolving work, and a way to bring joy, beauty and flow to my life.


About the Artist

Hi, I'm Stephanie.

I'm the artist and driving force behind the Daily Art Habit.

In addition to my passion for digital art, I love working with fiber and other natural materials.

I'm both an early and late bloomer when it comes to art. It's always been in my heart, and only relatively recently found its way out.

I live and work in Seattle, USA. When I'm not making art, I can be found skiing or hiking in the Cascades with my family, making and enjoying delicious food, or coaxing life out of a tiny garden plot in my yard.

This site represents a small portion of the work created as part of the Daily Art Habit. To see more, please visit my portfolio.


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