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Shift / Seattle / PDX | February 2-26, 2023

Shift / Seattle / PDX | February 2-26, 2023

Come see my art at Waterstone Gallery in Portland Oregon in February 2023 as part of the group show Shift / Seattle / PDX. I will be there for an artist talk on Sunday, February 19 starting at 11am.

The final piece in my Solstice / Equinox series, Equinox (fall), is making its debut at Waterstone. It has a prominent place in the front window, which is great — and a photographic challenge with all the reflections, as you can see in the image above.

Waterstone Gallery is located at 124 NW 9th in Portland, OR. Hours are Wednesday through Saturday from 11:00 to 5:30, Sunday from 11:00-4:00.

Here's the complete Solstice / Equinox series:

Top left: Equinox (spring), mixed media, 48x42x3.5", 2022. Top right: Solstice (summer), mixed media, 40x42x3.5", 2022. Bottom left: Equinox (fall), mixed media, 48x42x3.5", 2022, Bottom right: Solstice (winter), mixed media, 48x42x3.5", 2021.