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Solstice and Fabulous | December 2021

Solstice and Fabulous | December 2021

I have two installations showing in Seattle this month:

Solstice is currently in the Window Gallery at Shift and a portion of Three Years Plus is part of the group show Fabulous at Shift Gallery.

  • Opening Reception: First Thursday, December 2, 5-8pm
  • Gallery Hours: Fridays and Saturdays 11am-4pm through December 18.
  • Window display is on view 24/7 through January 1. 

Shift Gallery and the Window are located at 312 S. Washington Street, Seattle.

Solstice is a new paper sculpture exploring our perceptions of dark and light and the spaces in between. It is constructed from 162 postcards that represent the 27 darkest and 27 lightest images from the Daily Art Habit series. The remaining images include those created on the solstices and equinoxes.

Three Years Plus is a postcard installation consisting of images from my daily art practice bound into accordion books and mounted to the wall. About one-third of it is shown in this installation.

I will be in the gallery for the opening reception and on Friday, December 10 from 11-4. Please contact me if you'd like to come for a private appointment.

Above: A portion of Three Years Plus. 48x96x3 inches.

Below: Solstice, 48x42x3.5 inches. Installation view and details.