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The Uncertainty Principle - February 4-27, 2021

The Uncertainty Principle - February 4-27, 2021

My work is showing at Shift Gallery in Seattle this month.

The Uncertainty Principle is a four-person show at Shift Gallery running through February 27. I recently joined Shift Gallery and am delighted to be sharing this exhibit with fellow member artists Sung I Chun, Peggy Murphy and Sue Springer. The work we are showing explores aspects of unpredictability, uncertainty and unease (hello pandemic).

My contribution includes a series of works made between May 23 and June 9, 2020 that encompass a range of uncertain experiences -- from tentatively venturing out of my neighborhood, to shock and anger after the death of George Floyd and others, to keeping up my normal routines when life is anything but.

Contact me if you'd like to see this! The works are for sale, you can find the collection here.