Daily Art Habit

No. 140 Feeling Fallish


No. 140 Feeling Fallish

A few days after the equinox it starts to happen. There's a certain smell in the air, and the shadows become chilly. The delicate leaves of this groundcover were shivering in the wind as I noticed them. Green still, but not for long.

Digital painting created with iPad Pro and Adobe Photoshop Sketch, 2018.

No. 140 Feeling Fallish is available to enjoy as:

  • 12x12" unframed fine art giclée print (10x10" image)
  • 20x20" unframed fine art giclée print (17x17" image)
  • 12x12" aluminum print - ready to hang
  • 18x18" glossy print mounted on birch panel - ready to hang
  • 24x24" print mounted on dibond - ready to hang

Exhibition history:

  • Nature's Geometries, Gallery Belltown Condominiums, Seattle WA, 2019
  • Shift Invitational, The Gardens at Town Center, Bellevue WA, 2021